The Theory of Web Design Series I: From Top Web Designers in Los Angeles

Web Designers

In Los Angeles, the web design industry is filled with many talented web designers. Learning web design is very useful for web developers and web designers to expand their business and find new clients. Marketing agencies usually provide web design services, web design outsourcing, and web design employment opportunities in order to meet the demand for skilled web designers.

Web designing is a complex process that requires web design skills, web design knowledge, and web design inspiration to come up with an enchanting web page. If you are looking for web designers in your area, you need to find web design companies that have web designing divisions filled with web designers who are dedicated to offering high-quality web designs. You can also find web design companies that offer web design outsourcing to web design freelancers who are web designers themselves.

The web design process is not easy. It requires web designers to gain web design skills, web design knowledge, web design inspiration, web design tools, web designing software, web design programs, web designing trends, and web designs examples in order to come up with an engaging web page for their clients.

Web designers also need to gain web graphics skills to incorporate eye-catching features into the site that will make it more attractive. This can be done by using bright colors or contrasting colors side by side. For example, red and green together look very festive because they are complementary colors. But using bright colors alone can also make a website stand out among competitors.


Web Designers

The Process of the Home Page

When designing a home page, web designers need to consider seven critical items:

  1. The Sites Uniqueness and Purpose
  2. The Sites Structure
  3. The Sites Search Parameters
  4. The Sites Hooks
  5. The Sites Advertisements
  6. The Sites Highlighted Advertisements
  7. The Sites Timely Content
  8. The Sites Navigation Bar
  9. The Web Designers Toolbox
  10. The Sites Uniqueness and Purpose

From the beginning, the home page has to tell me what the site is about, the message it trying to convey and why should I stay on this webpage and not leave.

The web designer needs to start out by thinking of a catchy title that describes the web page and its function. After that, they need to think of a high-level strategy: do they want to use bright colors or contrasting colors? How about combining both together? For example, red and green usually work well together because they are complementary colors. But using just bright colors can also work really well. The web designer needs to keep in mind the web design trends so that their web design looks fresh and modern among competitors. The web designer has to make sure that the web layout is easy to read and simple. Having too many web elements can confuse web users into thinking that it’s a web design for beginners.

The web designer should always keep in mind the web design trends because web design has to be fresh and modern. Google also needs to be able to crawl certain web pages so that web designers need to make sure that the search engines can understand their web pages.


Web Designers

The Sites Structure

After gathering inspiration from web designs, web designers need to do some sketches of their own ideas before starting out on the computer. Using pen and paper ensures keeping track of what web designers want to incorporate in the site because it will allow them to erase easily if they don’t like what they have drawn up. After completing initial sketches, web designers should be able to create wireframes using Photoshop or other advanced design programs that include features such as slicing images, adding hotspots, positioning the web properly, and more so that there won’t be any web design errors in web development when the home page is finally created.

There are three basic ways of organizing your web page for your audience:

  1. Linear Hierarchy – arrange site content according to importance, with primary navigation on top, secondary on left or right, and tertiary at bottom or footer.


  1. Hierarchical-Tree – present a hierarchical view of the site structure while breaking up sets of links into logical groups (e.g., breadcrumbs).


  1. Topic-based Navigation – web designers can map out their web page according to content themes, and then create a tree or graph of those themes.


The Sites Search Parameters

The web designer will need to consider how the web visitor is going to search within the website: by product name, by topic, etc. The web designer should provide web visitors with an easy way to navigate through the website using keywords that they would like to see displayed on the webpage.

Web designers need to also keep a few web design guidelines at hand so that they can get web users hooked right from the start of browsing their web pages. If web visitors see bright colors or contrasting colors on a web page, they will most likely say “no” if it is too bright for them. The web designer needs to consider this factor because it could affect whether or not people decide to stay on this particular webpage and read more instead of clicking away from the web design.


The Sites Hooks

Web sites will drive traffic and increase engagement through engaging titles and pictures. When you write your title make it enticing; don’t be afraid to use some drama but keep in mind not too much as it may turn away potential customers because they might believe there is something more important to look at.

The web designer should also thoroughly examine web competitors and try to come up with web features that will make their website better than the competitor’s web pages. In addition, web designers need to create a title that is not only informative but also catchy in order for web visitors to stay engaged within the webpage.

There are many ways to hook web surfers into staying on your web page:

  • Using a catchy title
  • Having an interesting web design
  • Riveting web content


The Sites Advertisements

Since the goal of search engine optimization is page ranking higher on search engines, web designers need to find a good balance between advertisements and content in order for web visitors to stay interested throughout their visit. People want an engaging website with a compelling call-to-action, yet they do not want too many distractions from what brought them there in the first place: the content about which they are searching.

The savvy Los Angeles web designer should also keep in mind web design trends so that the web page is modern and not outdated. A web designer’s goal is to create a web page with engaging content for web visitors so they stay on the website longer, increasing their time on site, which ultimately increases revenue. Wherever possible, web designers need to include tools like slider bars, accordions (for collapsible sections), etc., to encourage engagement.


The Sites Highlighted Advertisements

It is important to note that web designers should only place featured advertisements on web pages that web visitors will find highly interesting. If web users are approached with advertisements that do not coincide with the web content, then web designers will most likely lose customers. Location of web advertisements is also something for web designers to consider since some people may find ads positioned above the fold distracting. Most search engine algorithms have a tendency to rank websites higher when they have fewer distractions and more engaging content. The best way for web designers to figure out what type of web advertisement works in their particular web design layout is by testing different types of advertisements, in order to pinpoint what type drives the highest amount of revenue in a relatively short period of time.

Keep in mind, since web visitors are there to read web content, web designers need to ensure that web advertisements are not too intrusive so as to cause web visitors outrage. Web designers also need to keep in mind where ads will be placed on the web page since it is important for web users to know what they’re clicking on.


The Sites Regular Content  

The web designer has a duty to web visitors to provide web users with current, interesting information. If the web page is out of date having web visitors leave quickly will be a plus for web designers since web designers would most likely not want people on their web pages that do not engage in reading material about which they are writing. In addition, web designers need to use proper grammar and correct spelling because people come across as unintelligent when they make mistakes.

Web Designers Watch Out!

Some web design features that web designers should avoid:

– Pop up ads – pop up ads have been found to decrease viewing time by 50%

– Splash pages – before a site is visited, a splash screen usually displays an advertisement or web design trying to sell web surfers on what is to come.

– Auto-play videos – web visitors do not like these because they are distracting and web users may be using data plans which can increase expenses.


The Sites Navigation Bar

When web designers have a navigation bar, it should include some of the more important information that web users would want to see on the webpage. Web designers need to keep web visitors’ interests in mind when creating web pages so that web surfers stay engaged with the webpage’s content rather than clicking away before reading anything at all. If web designers have no navigation bar on their webpage, web users will leave within only 10 seconds since they will think there is nothing of interest for them if web designers do not give web users a navigation bar.

The web designer should also check the web page for broken links because this will frustrate web visitors if they have to go back and find another link that works. Web designers need to keep web surfers satisfied so web surfers come back for more web content, if not it will be extremely difficult to acquire new web visitors.

If web users are met with an unfriendly attitude on the website, chances are they won’t return even if there is valuable information there. If at any point in time web designers feel their customers might be losing interest, they can implement strategies like having a chat box or asking questions that require input from the web user. These strategies keep people engaged with

What does this mean?

For the design of the web page itself, it means that designers will have more space than ever before; there is plenty of room for creativity in terms of imagery and typography.

This simply means that web designers can make their own decision when deciding


The Web Designers Toolbox

By now, web designers should have their web pages ready to go with all the web designing work done. Now web designers just need to ensure that they don’t overlook any web design errors before taking their completed home page live on the internet. Since it is important that web users are able to read and understand what certain web elements are trying to convey about a particular company or business, web designers need to make sure that font styles are consistent throughout all web pages because this will allow visitors who are reading online through mobile devices without having problems figuring out these details. Web designers also need to check for broken links by manually typing in URLs of other websites found on web pages to determine if they have been changed or not. If web designers find a web link that no longer works, the web designer will need to fix this element before going live with a web page because otherwise, it could leave web visitors confused and potentially lose customers as well.

The web designer needs to ensure that all photos are of high quality without any black dots or marks on them so web users won’t become distracted from their browsing experience. Web designers also need to figure out where they can place contact information for curious web surfers who want some answers right away using online forms as well as email links for web surfers who would like more details about a particular product or service through written correspondence via email messages. By going over these details web designers can be certain that web visitors are actually able to get their web design questions answered before making web purchases.


Web Design Los Angeles

High talented web designers in Los Angeles keep web visitors engaged by having interactive web forms for web visitors to obtain information. Web pages with contact forms allow web users to ask questions about products or services, but web designers must make sure that web surfers can figure out how these web forms work because it is frustrating if web users cannot figure out what type of information should be included in order to get a response.

If there are any questions that web surfers want to be answered about the website, then they will leave the webpage instead of figuring things out on their own which may not necessarily provide them with the results they were hoping for. The first step for improving the web surfing experience is asking the right questions like “are you looking for X product or “do you want Y service” and web designers might even need to include web forms that allow web users to fill out this information in order for web designers to be able to get a better idea of what web surfers want.

These web designers are also aware of the impact different web elements have on web design, so they are able to use simple designs which don’t distract visitors from valuable online content. Since it’s important that web pages are seen by the target audience, businesses will pay top dollar for professional web designers who will web pages that web users can access and web designers need to keep this in mind when creating web designs.

Web designs examples will serve as an inspiration for web designers who are still building their web design portfolio. After web designers have found web designs examples that they like, they can then create a new or alter the duplicated web design by making subtle changes that will give it its own personal style.

Web designers must also incorporate important web design features into the web page such as web graphics, relevant copywriting, relevant images, and web animations in order for the home page to stand out among competitors. Internet users usually scan each website instead of reading every detail of each website. Therefore creating perfect web designs require good web visibility on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Web Designers

The Process of the Additional Pages

When web designers are finished with the web page, they then have to consider web designs examples that will help them create web pages that are easy on the eye. Web designers must also ensure web design usability so web visitors will know where to click next when they reach the end of each web page.

Web designers must also keep web design maintenance in mind by including links to other web pages or contact information on all web pages so their clients can easily find them if they need maintenance work done on their websites later. When you’re looking for a web designer, it’s always best to hire someone who has web design experience and is willing to share your vision for your website. You can also get referrals from your friends or check out our Marketing Agency services at Montfichet & Company – Atlanta. For hands-on training reach out to our sister company The Trusted Automation.

I hope this article has been of help to you business owners & web designers out there. Good luck with your web designing and creating web pages for your business or organization!