How to Use New and Old Marketing Strategies for Business Success

Marketing Strategies for Business Success

A good marketing strategy continues to be the cornerstone of business success during these days of heavy competition and emerging technology. It is easy for company management to want to try the newest marketing strategies, but it’s also important to think of a strategy that combines the newest trends with the old techniques that have worked for decades. Here at Montfichet & Company, we are experts on creative strategies and marketing approaches that actually work, so we have some tips on how to push a diversified marketing strategy for ultimate business success.

Old Tactics Still Work

While there are benefits to focusing your marketing efforts on the online space, it is important to remember that not everyone is online, especially the older consumers, so if you want to capture those eyeballs then you should spend a portion of your budget on print ads. An old technique that continues to be more successful than ever is direct mail which are advertisements that go directly to the consumer’s mailbox.

Direct mailing and postcards continue to be successful because it is easier to pick up and read than other electronic forms of marketing. Plus, a postcard is something tangible that people can hold onto and put on their refrigerator so they can remember where they want to shop and refer their friends. Of course, the modern form of direct mailing involves email campaigns, where customers are sent advertisements directly to their email inboxes. To capture both young and older customers, you can combine direct and email marketing and you will greatly maximize your marketing potential.

Mixing Old and New

In addition to trying different marketing methods consecutively, you can also add modern touches to proven strategies of the past. For instance, when you send that email mentioning your new sale, include a coupon that customers can print or show on their phones and you will likely get your customers into the doors of your store.

When you create flyers, postcards, and yard signs, you can capture older viewers by making them bright and well-written, and you can add tech touches that the younger audience will understand, such as QR codes and hashtags. QR codes are great on printed or emailed marketing materials because at the touch of a button on their cell phone, a potential customer can be connected directly to your website or your newest clearance event, and it improves the chances that you will make a sale.


Marketing Strategies

Know When to Pivot

The most important part of success with marketing is knowing when to pivot and switch things up. If your emails are not drawing much attention, then you can turn to video ads or physical mailers. The trick is to anticipate change so you can be ahead of the curve and keep your customers coming in the door. Pay attention to trends, and if you see a new marketing technology come around, look into its potential. Or if you know that your target demographic is starting to skew towards the younger end, then you may want to put your focus on their needs.

While you may think that your business is unique, the chances are good that you have plenty of competition, so you need to offer something new in your marketing materials. A catchy slogan is a good starting place. Try to use humor or shock value to make a slogan that will catch people’s attention or use graphic design tools such as Visme or Adobe Spark to create breathtaking visuals that will pique the interest of your customers. Do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a bit ham-fisted when it comes to creating new marketing materials, this is a sure sign you need to work with a marketing agency. Experts like Montfichet & Company – Atlanta can help you craft a new strategy that transforms the customer experience.

Their dedicated designers and marketing professionals have deep insight into the latest trends, and they can apply their know-how to increase your presence. You simply need to share your vision and what you’re hoping to achieve. Maybe even gather images, graphics, fonts and other examples to share what you like and don’t like. Use a JPG to PDF converter to turn images into PDFs to preserve the image’s quality, and to make sending files easier.

As you can see, successful marketing requires imagination and the ability to evolve with the times while not forgetting the past. Try the tactics above and give your company a fighting chance. If your company could use a radical marketing update, then Montfichet & Company can help.

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