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Google Ads Specialist

What’s your dream job? For me, it would include the words “Google ads” in the title. But what if you could earn a living as a professional who helps other businesses get more results from their online advertising investments – without needing an advanced degree or specialized training? 


Google Ads SpecialistWhat Google ads specialists do for businesses 

Google Ads Specialists help clients get the most out of their advertising dollars, using AdWords to drive more traffic to their website or landing page and/or generate more leads with remarketing campaigns designed specifically for mobile devices – and they’re in hot demand. 

Paid search marketing is one of the hottest career fields you can enter today. I’ve had the good fortune to build a thriving business helping local, national, and global brands succeed at AdWords. And some of my former students have gone on to join top agencies such as RMG Connect, C3, Bonfire Marketing, Clix Marketing Group, and Drance Media Group. 


How I became a Google ads specialist 

I started working in AdWords back in 2005. Back then, paid search was still a rather new medium to most advertisers and agencies, so many marketers were opting for cheap pricing on poorly managed accounts that never reached their business goals. There are plenty of today’s “experts” out there who got their start working during this time when the industry was still trying to figure things out. And if you look at some of them now? They’re not giving the best advice out there (in my opinion).

When I started building my affiliate marketing company in late 2006, I chose AdWords to power my campaigns. At the time, Google didn’t have much of a formal certification program, but it did have an online forum called the AdWords Help Group – better known as the “Help Forum.” This was where I learned everything I needed to know about getting started with AdWords. Fast forward to 2015. As of January 2016, Google boasts over 2 million advertisers who run roughly 1 billion searches every day on its platform. 

Google Ads Specialists are highly skilled in helping local businesses get more leads from paid search advertising (i.e., people searching for your products or services on Google). 

AdWords is designed to help business owners drive more traffic to their website through ads that appear in Google’s sponsored results along with those that show up on other popular websites such as AOL, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.


Becoming a Google Ads specialist helps businesses grow revenue faster 

From my own experience, I can tell you that mastering AdWords is very important for your business’s bottom line. Most companies have no idea how to properly manage an AdWords campaign, so they hire someone on staff or enlist the help of a freelancer who typically makes basic mistakes. They may even be paying too much for their keywords and not getting enough clicks – but they don’t know because they’re not tracking it properly (or at all).  

While there are certainly other factors that go into increasing your sales, if you can get more people to visit your website from AdWords, you will generate more leads. And if you do a great job of converting these leads into customers, then you’ll start generating more sales and revenue. 


Google Ads SpecialistWhat Google ads specialists study 

Google Ads Specialists need to know their stuff, so they invest in themselves and become better by continuing their education. Many who work in the field start with an online certificate program, which helps them earn credibility and demonstrates that they know to get results for clients. Those who go deep with their studies can pursue a graduate degree from AdWords University (formerly known as Google Partners) or a fully accredited university such as Harvard Business School or UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Aspiring Google Ads experts should also familiarize themselves with local workshops, seminars, and conferences hosted by the company as well as credible third-party organizations. 


Google Ads specialists know how to scale revenue faster 

When you’re ready to graduate from a free Google account with limited exposure to the vast features of AdWords, you can get started with an entry-level Google Ads Specialist certification. If this is a good fit for your business – which it probably is if you want more traffic and leads – then I highly recommend learning more about what it takes to become one today. 

As mentioned earlier, not everyone who works in AdWords has the ability or desire to become a Google Ads Specialist. If you just have a basic understanding of paid search advertising and don’t want a lot of support or to learn more about AdWords from an expert, then you can stick with shared or managed campaigns. If that’s your goal, check out Google’s tool for creating a new campaign. 

When I first got started in PPC advertising (as we called it back in the day), I learned everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – about AdWords by reading forums on Google Help. People would ask questions like “How do I make my ad stand out?”; “Why did my click-through rate decrease?”; and “How long should my headline be? Only three words? Four words? Five words?” These were all great questions, but the answers weren’t easy to find because you had to dig through hundreds of older posts to find something useful. There was no Google Ads Help Center. 

Today, you can find answers much more easily with the Google Ads Help Center, which has a robust search feature that will help you find helpful tips and ideas for optimizing your AdWords account. In addition, they have an entire blog where PPC experts discuss current trends and best practices, so don’t be afraid to look there too! 

When I first started, I had to refresh my memory on everything I learned about AdWords by regularly visiting forums.  

Don’t forget about the official Google Ads Help Center! They have tons of resources, including videos and blogs. If you ever feel lost or confused about a technical aspect of your AdWords account, this is always a great place to step in and learn more. You’ll also want to become familiar with the latest news affecting PPC marketers. Also take advantage of timely tips for creating successful ads, monitoring performance, and avoiding common mistakes that could hurt your business – plus much more! 

Google is looking for serious applicants who have already established themselves as strategic thinkers and problem solvers. To become a qualified Google Ads specialist, you need the following 4 things: 

  • Knowledge of search engine marketing (SEM) 

You don’t need to be a coder; you just need to understand how SEM works. The evidence Google is looking for includes your experience with paid search, blogging, or social networking.  

  • Creativity  

Your ability to generate and test new ideas/tactics to solve your clients’ problems in unique ways will help you stand out from the crowd based on the sample work you’ll submit. Creativity in your copy-writing is also a huge plus – Google wants to see that you have written for a large audience and tested different words with various audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  

  • A sense of urgency  

You need to be someone who gets things done quickly and efficiently. You’ll be managing multiple clients and there won’t always be time to ask for help. Google wants to see that you don’t need a lot of handholding. We’ve all had the experience of working with someone afraid to decide without asking permission first. This isn’t going to work in a service business where you have deadlines and an obligation to your client to deliver results quickly.  

  • A track record of success  

You don’t necessarily need years of management experience or even agency experience – but you will need proof that you can lead others towards being successful, too. What does this mean? Google wants to see that you have a completed project or two under your belt (on which you were the primary manager). 


Google Ads SpecialistWhat do I get if I become certified as a Google Ads specialist?  

According to Google, once you complete the training and pass both exams (the AdWords Fundamentals Exam and the Advertising Experiences Exam), you’ll receive: 

A certificate of achievement – This one is neat. You don’t get anything like it from other agencies. Would you like to be certified by Google? Tell us in the comments below.  

Personalized coaching – You’ll also receive personalized support from an experienced coach within five days of submitting your application. If approved, that person will continue as your coach for the duration of your Google Ads certification. Your coach will have access to your AdWords account and be able to advise you on strategy, help you with reporting/analysis, and review results. Does this sound appealing? Tell us in the comments below.  

Promotion – Official Google Ads specialists are also given a profile page they can use to promote themselves as an expert – as well as a badge they can place on their site that links back to their Google profile. 

Replacing the old “AdWords Grader” program, Google introduced the new certification program (which is still in beta) earlier this year at SES Chicago 2012. You’ll need to see if there’s one coming up near you before you can sign-up, though. 

How much does it cost?  

No matter how you decide to become a Google ads specialist, there’s no charge for the training and testing – but you will need to purchase the AdWords certification exam bundle. If you work through the program with an agency or other coach, however, he/she will also cover those costs.  

I hope I have answered all of your questions about becoming a google ads specialist? We offer a Google ads training program at The trusted Automation our sister company. Please contact us at (949) 333-7200 or at for more details. Post your questions in our comments section below.  


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